2017 Friday Schedule


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Gardening Seminars will be presented in both the Fulton and Pope Rooms on the bottom floor of the convention center near the entrance to the Marriott.

Fulton Room

10:30  Arkansas’ Magical Botanical Garden of the Ozarks  – Lissa Morrison, Botanical Garden of the Ozarks Manager and Designer

The story of the evolution and the making of the beautiful Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, is not only interesting, but inspiring. Lissa Morrison, BGO’s  Garden Manager and Designer will share the history, development, and value of northwest Arkansas’ magical botanical gardens.

11:45  Let’s Get Growing – Vegetable Gardening is Cool Again – Janet Carson,  University of Arkansas Horticulture Specialist

Janet will introduce you to the basics of vegetable gardening so you can begin growing fresh, healthful food for your family.  She will give helpful tips based on her own growing of vegetables in an urban setting.  From how to get started to dealing with potential problems, Janet will give you the confidence to begin growing at least some of your own food at home.

1:00  Healthy Yard / Healthy Planet –Sustainable Gardening –   Lissa Morrison. Botanical Garden of the Ozarks Manager and Designer

Today many gardeners realize that our horticultural choices do make a difference in the health of our planet.  Too often, because of lack of knowledge, our landscapes have become ecologically unbalanced.  Lissa Morrison encourages and teaches how to landscape for biodiversity and sustainability.  Her mission is to help all gardeners create a healthy oasis in their own environments.

Pope Room

 10:30  The Pollination Life of Birds – Dr. Dan Scheiman, Bird Conservation Director,  Audubon Arkansas

The decline of bees and Monarch butterflies grabs national attention because they are such important pollinators. However, some birds also play the role of pollinator. Dr. Scheiman will talk about the tight relationship between nectarivorous birds and the plants they feed on and help pollinate using examples from around the world.

11:45  If Trees Could Talk—Oh Wait.  .  .  They Do – Jane Gulley. Pulaski County Master Gardener

 “Trees are great storytellers”, says Jane Gulley, and she’s not just talking about murmuring pines.  Trees record a significant part of our history, and trees themselves have often figured in choices we make about where and how to live in our world.  Individual trees are also frequently connected to our personal family or community histories.  Join Jane for a fascinating discussion of how trees have influenced history.

1:00   Birding Basics – Dr. Dan Scheiman, Bird Conservation Director, Audubon Arkansas

Bird watching is one of the most popular hobbies in the nation. Millions of people enjoy watching birds in their yards. Dr. Dan “The Bird Man” Scheiman will review the tools and skills you need to sharpen your bird identification abilities and learn to enjoy birds in your backyard and beyond.

 2:15   Building a Successful Farmers’ Market From the Ground Up  – Debra Bolding, Co-Manager for Howard County Farmer’s Market, Miller County Master Gardener

Debra will give an overview of the critical considerations for building a successful market.  She will provide a “tool kit” with forms, checklists, and references to help in planning a new farmers’ market. The Howard County Farmer’s Market received the Master Gardener Project of the Year Award in 2010. The market has broad community involvement and support and is active in promoting healthy nutrition and organic home gardening.  Cooking demonstrations are held in a certified kitchen at the market and a demonstration garden and newly-completed greenhouse serve as sites for gardening workshops and related market activities.